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Message from Sarah Randall, the Founder of the Society of Consultants in Reproductive Health

In early 1994 a group of 10 consultants specialising in Family Planning and often working in splendid isolation set up the Society as a support / networking group. The Society met for the first time in November 1994 near Oxford with 13 attendees of the, by then, 18 consultants.

I was the inaugural chairman and Yvonne Stedman was secretary.

The aims of the Society were to act as a mutual support group, exchange views, work with the new Faculty and look at terms & conditions of service, something the Faculty could not do. The Society agreed to meet twice yearly.

Early on, it was decided that the society’s meetings would be best spent addressing non clinical issues. The society has addressed such topics as improving liaison/working arrangements with our GU colleagues, how to deal with appearing in court, the GP contract, moving into PCTs and the SH strategy.

By 1999, non consultant leads [lead SCMOs and associate specialists] were invited to attend both meetings each year and and the Society agreed to alter its constitution last year in order that these non consultant leads can now be members of this Society.

It is hard to imagine what our specialty will be like in another 10 years. There are still hurdles to overcome, not least the position of our non consultant colleagues.
Sarah Randall